Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wedding T-2 Days. 7/6/06 [L]

OK. Sorry for the delay. Truth is that day is all kind of a blur. I might ask Dani to edit. I was also hoping to hotlink photos but webshots decided to "update" their software. That means everythings fucked up and nothings running smoothly, of course. I can't even seem to host webshot photos through ImageShack. I spent an hour or so screwing around with webshots. I'll use images off of my PC and host them on imageshack. Why the hell do I have webshots? Anyway:

Thursday, 7/6/06
Dani's Mother, Sister, and two nieces arrive at National Airport from Missouri, around 10AM. The nieces are pilots, apparently

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Lauren is on our left and Rachel on the right.

This is the first time I've met them but it was like I knew them. It was very nice that her Mother expressed the same sentiment. Her nieces were little energizer bunnies on Meth. After we set them up at their B&B on 14th & T St., we all headed down to the National Mall. we did the almost-complete-tourist thang:

WWII Memorila -> Vietnam War Memorila -> Lincoln Memorial.

This aint the easiest thing to do on foot. After the sites we headed home for Dani's famous Veggie Lasagna. On top of that dani's friends, our friends, Lizard, Molly, and Courtney stopped by. Words can not describe them. Great People and Dani has the most amazing circle of friends I've ever experienced.

The nieces, The Terrible Two had worn out everyone but me, until the end, 12 hours after they got here. personally, I had a ton of fun with them. The in-laws and Dani were apologizing profusly for there actions but I enjoyed it. I didn't find them all that tiresome and after all, I can wash my hands of them at the end of the night.

We walked them to their B&B, came home and passed out.

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