Wednesday, November 08, 2006

1 Year Ago Today. Part II [C]

Monday, November 7th. 2005
I'm officially diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, Stage IV. In the time of a weekend I went from thinking I was going to die in a few months to thinking I was gonna beat Cancer. I was "elated". Dani was still upset. I would find out later she was thinking I would be dead soon. And would worry about it for months.

And I'm not sure I discussed this before but Dani thought something went terribly wrong this day in 2005. They told us my Surgery would take about an hour. It took two. Removal of my swollen neck Lymph node was seriously complicated by the fact that it was pressing against my corrated(sp?) artery. So while I was fast "asleep" Dani was in the waiting room panicking. Thinking I had lost my life on the operating table. The things I've put her through...

It's weird to think back on this stuff. I have this euphoric type feeling. Life is good and it's so nice to be here. Words don't really describe it.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

1 Year Ago Today [C]

1 Year ago today my Girlfriend Dani & I went to see my Doctor concerning some swollen lymph nodes.

1 Year ago today my Doctor sent me to the ER

1 Year ago today Dani & I were laying in my hospital bed in my private room. I had just been given a preliminary/probable diagnosis of "Lymphoma" and I/we were wondering if I had maybe a few months to live.

1 Year ago today I told Dani my intentions of marrying her and that I was sorry this happened.

1 Year ago today Dani told me she would Marry me right now if I asked.

1 year ago today I gave up cigarettes.

6 Months and 1 week ago I had my last chemo treatment and went into remission.

My wife Dani and I had a wonderful day today. Hope yours was well. A toast to all. Especially to all who have had to deal with Cancer. Cheers.