Saturday, November 04, 2006

1 Year Ago Today [C]

1 Year ago today my Girlfriend Dani & I went to see my Doctor concerning some swollen lymph nodes.

1 Year ago today my Doctor sent me to the ER

1 Year ago today Dani & I were laying in my hospital bed in my private room. I had just been given a preliminary/probable diagnosis of "Lymphoma" and I/we were wondering if I had maybe a few months to live.

1 Year ago today I told Dani my intentions of marrying her and that I was sorry this happened.

1 Year ago today Dani told me she would Marry me right now if I asked.

1 year ago today I gave up cigarettes.

6 Months and 1 week ago I had my last chemo treatment and went into remission.

My wife Dani and I had a wonderful day today. Hope yours was well. A toast to all. Especially to all who have had to deal with Cancer. Cheers.

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