Sunday, February 05, 2006

Don't F* With Me!

Especially on Chemo Day!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 2/2/06

Finished my 3rd cycle (6th treatment) Yesterday. My CT Scan showed "remarkable reduction" in Tumor masses. I have a CT/PET Scan after my 4th cycle and may be done after 6 cycles, not 8. So "ill be done any where between April 27th & June 22nd.

On another note - why are Cancer patients such Fuckheads? A Bitch tried to change the order in which bloods were taken. She signed in 4th and tried to get in first, shuffeling the forms filled out by the patients. What The Fuck is up with that? Dani and I debated the Bitcheses problem loud enough for her to here while I "corrected the order".

Then we had to go to the Infusion unit instead of The Bone Marrow Transplant (BMTx) Floor.We went to the Infusion waiting room and as we were ready to sit down in this tiny cramped room I hear: "That seat is for my Mother" from behind. The tone was so unpleasant. I turn around to see the living dead staring at me. I just grab my stuff and head out into the hallway and sulk. She comes out to say there are other seats but I'll have none of it. I don't want to sit in a tiny waiting room with a bunch of cranky sick people! It's claustrophobic!

I'm in rare form

All this comes after the 3 mile drive to the hospital took 50 minutes cause of traffic.

In BMTx you're immediately put in a private room with cable. In Infusion your crammed into tiny sections of a big room with curtains to separate out all the people who are in way worse shape then me. Its about a 7'x7' "room" and no cable!!!!! For 4.5hrs!I don't want to see other people. They aren't in a good mood and/or they like to discuss their condition with you. No frikken Thanks!Spoiled by BMTx and in rare form.Honestly, it was rough. Dani got upset a couple of times because of some patients and their condition. It was heart breaking. I blocked out everyone else.

We went to Whole Foods afterwards. it's a tradition and I try to blow off steam. Unfortunately, it was not to be. No one got near us. Wonder if they could sense it this time?

So here I sit. My irritation level higher than ever. Sensitive like never before.the hair I loss on my legs is trying to grow back? WTF? My head hair is thinning still but no gaps. My thick luxurious locks are putting up quite the battle but half of my eyebrows are gone. LMFAO!

I'm exhausted after chemo but can't sleep. been up since 6AM, 6hrs sleep. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!On another note - I had 2 cavaties filled last Tuesday. The dentist couldn't numb a particular nerve. She gave me all the Novocaine she could and the work wasn't anywhere near a nerve. But I could still feel it.Increased sensitivity all around? I have to brush 3x/day and use fluroide mouth wash after each brushing b/c chemo does a number on teeth and has probably already done a number on mine.

My irritation level is high but I've kept it in check. I still run through the full range of emotions but also keep 'em in check. My nausea has increased making eating somewhat more uncomfortable and way less desirable. I still eat. Hopefully these will fade in a few days. Hopefully I can drink soon.

In the meantime, our building was sold in foreclosure. This will make life even more "interesting". And in fact already has. I'll save that for another day.

Done Whinning so I'll end with a smiley thought.........No more chemo before the benee bash & I may be half way done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a drink for me! I'll be drinking in a week or so!

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Sheila said...

hey, man. when are you going to update? i'm starting to miss your rants ;-)