Thursday, January 26, 2006

Barium Up The Bum & Relax That Tongue!

Ahhh yes. is there anything more pleasurable than Barium?

I Arrived at 0730 today. At 0800 I got to drink Barium Blueberry milk....ish thang till I though I was gonna puke. At 0830 I got nekkid, except for the gown, and on the table. After two sticks (I take it for granted they will miss at least once now) I had an IV ready to deliver a nice radioactive warm glow throughout my system. Then I rolled over and............................Uhh! Barium Enema Heaven! Hold those cheeks!

Full Body CT scan, Neck to Pelvis.

After that, it was back to the Cancer Center to have my blood drawn. Only one stick for that.

To make the trip more interesting I decided to wait until I got home before I would release any of that glowing warmth. Hospital bathrooms make me nervous.

On a side note, my arms aren'tooking so healthy. Dani asked a brilliant question: "Can they not use the legs"? I honestly don't know the answer to that.

Yesterday was another visit to the Dentist. We went for four cavities since they all "seemed" small. I couldn't feel half my face for all the Novocaine she gave me. The last cavity was not so small. It was in my wisdom tooth. I have 3 of those, one was lost to a cavity looooong ago. She's tells me it might have gone all the way to the nerve. That's a nice thing to tell a patient as you drill closer to the nerve. I thought my grip was going to break the armrest as she worked that tooth. Luckily, no pain. Except when the "Vibro-tool" would occassionaly bounc off the wisdom tooth and hit my upper tooth that just had the root canal. I signaled this problem and She asked if I wanted the upper teeth numbed. No thanks I signaled (I just wanted this done). And as they worked I kept doing that gag-like reflex because of the water build up in the back of my mouth. You knoew how uncomfortable that can be yes?

well, they had to keep repeating: "Relax your tongue". I have a work zone going on in my mouth and half my face is numb. And they want me to "relax my tongue"?

Relax My Tongue? My tongue was Fucking numb! I didn't know where it was! LMFAO!

My Dentist is lucky she's cute. :D

Then I got an itch. this was when I was home. I had an itch. An itch on my chin. I itched it but it was numb. I could not feel me scratching it but I could feel the itch. I went to the bathroom mirror and visually located the itch region. I scratched. Nothing. I scratched harder, at least I perceived it as harder. Nothing. Talk about freaken Hell! How can you have an itch if you're completely numb? What kind of twisted biological network is this???? LOL! It's funny now but I thought I might go crazy over that itch.



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