Thursday, April 20, 2006

Landlord/Tenent Battle

Dani got a rude knock on her door this past easter sunday. It was the new "owner" of the building with a Notice To Vacate. He's such a Fuckhead. Freaked dani out and I tried to calm her down. On Monday she brought the Letter to her Lawyer. The response:

"We are in receipt of your Notice to Vacate to the aboved referenced unit and find it a curious way to introduce a new landlord to the tenents. Nothing like starting out on a friendly footing."

The sarcasm and legal points get better after that. She ends with:

"Your Notice to Vacate can only be regarded, under these circumstances, as an improper retaliatory effort to intimidate our client. Please fax me evidence of your client's ownership of the building and DCRA registration. I shall therafter respond to your notice."

If I haven't discussed this before here; DC has the strongest tenent rights laws in the Nation. As one Real Estate Investor/Owner said to me: "In DC you pay, you stay." Dani's Lawyer is/was the Chair of the Lawyer/Tenents Association and the Biggest Gun in DC. I told my boss (at the restaurant I was working) of Dani's problem and he talked to her, who happened to be his lawyer. She wasn't taking anymore cases but was very interested in Dani's situation and scooped it up.

Some Lawyers actually have Souls. ;)

The trouble with Dani's apartment began in August.

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