Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm Married!!!!!! Viva Italia! [L]

Yay! I'm also not well. We think I'm exhausted and wasn't quite ready for this much activity. We have been going non-stop for over a week. I had an upset stomach Sunday which is probably expected due to the food & drink of Saturday's Bash. My hangover was so bad that I watched the Final Cup game at home with my new family. ;) Actually, I rather enjoyed watching the game at home while we opened the loot and wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else!

VIVA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching Italy go into PK kicks was nerve wracking as hell. They were 0-3 in world cup games decided by PK's including the '94 Final against Brazil. Watching that loss sucked beyond description. Watching the other games in DC bars is quite exhilirating to say the least. You have Nationals from the opposing teams in the bars along with American fans. The excitement is indescribable.

Anyway............After the game I became nauseas, chilled, feverish, and diarrheaish. Yum. I couldn't sleep well but Monday, the next day, I felt fine. So we meant one of Dani's dearest friends for drinks and socializing. Today, I fell nauseas, light-headed, achy, crappy. We leave for the Adirondacks in @36 hours. So, It's @2:30PM, I feel like ass, I'm going to bed.

I'll try to do a full wedding report on a later date.


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