Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Will They Understand? [L]

It only comes every four years and they've done it 4 times in my lifetime. The first one doesn't really count; it was 1970 and I was only 3, 4 years before I would even start to play. Then I saw them beat West Germany in 1982 and watched a gut-wrenching, heart-breaking loss to Brazil in 1994.

I have no other sports passion like this. Remember how exciting it was when The US beat the USSR in Olympic Hockey? That fervor is matched in the Round of 16. The frenzy rises exponentially through the Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, and on to the Final. The bars in DC are packed with Nationals from the oppossing teams along with the American fans. I've been in Sports bars for most major US finals. The passion doesn't compare. Part of it may be that since it started in 1930 only 11 countries have made it to the Final Game and of these only 7 Countries have ever won The Cup

Now Italy is back in 2006. Almost like clock-work in my lifetime, every 12 years. They will be playing July 9th at 2PM..............July 9th. Dammit. I was reminded of this date during the round of 16 and was kind of worried. Back in January I had other things to worry about then The Final. Much more pressing.

So the World Cup Final didn't enter into the equation when we decided on July 8th as our day to get married. July 8th, 7PM. This is not a catered event nor is it in a rented Hall. We are doing everything on our friends Farm. I believe rushing out might not be an option the next day. And what about my new In-laws? They have a 6PM flight on July 9th. I've never met them before. They arrive tomorrow morning. Dani has watched Italy with me. She even got caught up in the passion during the German game. I think she understands. She even said it would be all right if I go to the game, without a prompt from me. But will her family understand? I'm still unsure of what I will do.

I think I'm more anxious about July 9th then the 8th. Does it get any easier?


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