Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Kicked Mono's Ass!/Goodbye For Now [L]

Mono Shmono?
OK. Mono sucked ass but I think I beat it early. I first noticed symptoms on Monday, 9/4. Sore throat and fatigue being the big two. And fever. By friday, 9/22 my sore throat was gone. That's 2 weeks and 4 days? I've heard 6 weeks for symptoms to go away. Man, that would really suck. I hated swallowing. I mean, it really sucked. I had a hellish time staying hydrated. Who wants to drink water when every swallow hurts? I learned to not swallow unless I really needed to. Think about it. Sometimes you just swallow.

Or has everyone had Mono? For those that haven't. You're frikken Lucky. Is this odd coming from someone who just beat Cancer? Perhaps. Dani says I was more miserable after chemo and I trust her. But Mono sucked. I had no desire for anything those 2 weeks and 4 days. All I wanted to do was sleep and not feel pain when swallowing. That was it. Period. I slept 12-18 hours/day. I would wake up semi-delusional. Unrested. I was kind of freaked out that I wanted nothing else that whole time. It was........unique in my experiences. And Frightening. I've never been so knocked out for so long. Although it did make me realize one thing: I wasn't an alcoholic. I drank nothing in that time period and didn't miss it a bit. I was starting to worry about my consumption level until then. ;) :D

On Monday I go see the Doc and get some blood work done. Maybe they'll give me the all clear? If I beat it in under 3 weeks then I must say, my immune system kicks ass! But I couldn't do it without Dani's care. God bless her. Again, I get sick and she just takes over. Giving me the best chance there is to a speedy recovery. Of course once I was diagnosed with mono we put kissing on hold. I haven't really kissed my wife in weeks. That really sucks ass. On occassion we slip up. But God forbid she gets it. We even got another tube of toothpaste so no mixing would occur.

On another front - just before I was diagnosed with mono we went out to dinner with Eric & Lori. I knew I was ill at that point but they invited us to Nora's. High end all Organic Restaurant in DC. Couldn't say no. At one point, I reluctantly(?) tried Eric's Brandy. We told them I had something but they said 'go ahead, the alcohol will kill anything.' So far, they are "clean". But I feel so fucking guilty. Mono, EBV, can lie dormant. I knew better, even though I wasn't sure what I had. You never know what you have. I think that is the moral of the story. If they come done with EBV then it's all my fault. That sucks ass. I'd rather have EBV for months then give it to someone b/c I was stupid. Especially them. They would do anything for us.

It's 1:30AM EDT. Our Movers come at 8AM. Since I have Mono we thought this was best. Besides all our friends being out of town........until my Dr. says I'm clean, I have Mono. One has to worry about Liver/Spleen rupture during Mono. No contact sports, NO lifting. If friends helped us move I would feel compelled to help. I really need my Liver. One can live without a spleen but it really is in your best interest to keep it. Plus any ruptured organ can be a kind of life threatening situation. We pay Movers and I won't feel compelled to help them.

But we are losing our internet. Verizon sucks ass anyway so no big deal. We have WiFi but no card. Yet. We need to buy a card. Until then, no internet. But the place is really nice. It's a basement apartment but that doesn't do it justice. The back is almost at ground level. The windows give it almost as much sunlight as our current fully ground level apartment does. And overall, it's nicer than our current apartment. It's deeper in the 'hood but way nicer. It's further away from all the fugly/condo/gentrification shit.

And it's ours. This place was Dani's before I moved in. And it's kind of sad. I proposed to Dani in this apartment. And we got rid of the futon she was on when I proposed. But nothing physical lasts forever. And there are a lot of bad vibes associated with this place. So tomorrow we start our lives again, in our place that we picked out together. I'm very excited and so is she.

So, until we have an internet connection: Peace.

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