Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Goodbye/My "Life"/Welcome Iggy. [L]

Gonna be without internet for a bit.

Recap: landlord wants us out.

I love packing on Holiday weekends.

We really didn’t need this right now. Of the One Million things we need, this isn’t one of them.

We found this place through a mutual friend of the parties involved. They understood we don’t like to move, we understood they don’t like to look for tenants. We thought this was gonna be for the long haul. They treated us like good friends from the beginning when we moved in “way back” in October. So this felt like a kick in the teeth from a good friend followed by a few kidney punches. Dani felt particularly betrayed. It was, in her opinion, worst than our last battle with eviction notices, attempts to change locks, verbal battles, police, lawyers, etc. This was done by people who wanted to be friends but somehow didn’t see they would need the space in the immediate future. She’s probably right but all I could muster was “Fucking Assholess” and “Time to go”. I can re-categorize and write off people in a blink off an eye. Dani, not so much.

There was no way we could stay. They did us a favor by offering an early out but it is not altruistic. It’s obvious they need space now and wouldn’t be sorry if we left ASAP. So we sent out word and hit Craigs List. It becomes 2 full time jobs, of course. What a difference 8mos makes. The condo glut/gentrification has pushed rentals to the insane price range. Frikken 1300/mo for crappy 1br basements. We check out everything between 1000-1400 with no luck. Finally, one place looks promising. They want us to stop by Saturday, May 26.


If you ask me for my top One Million places I would want to be on Memorial day weekend…..I would ask you to expand it so I could list DC. So we cancel the appointment, cash in two United Airline vouchers and head out for a backpacking trip to Glacier National Park!!!!!!!

No. Wait. That was a dream. Sigh.

Back To reality:

So we check it out. We are pleasantly surprised that it is above ground. Really happy it's second floor with Bay windows. There is no 3rd floor. How awesome is that? It doesn't have the amazing ultra-modern kitchen our current apartment has but, in our opinion, the price for that Kitchen was a little too high. Being in a basement sucks, even if just half the apartment is subterranean. it's the half we use for 90-95% of our waking hours. The over-indulged Children lacking boundaries was really starting to get to me. The pressing their faces against our back windows looking for our Cat being one example. Constant running and crashing being another. It's as if their parents indulge their every whim and expected us to do the same. Maybe I'm being a little harsh, but we're pissed and I think we deserve a little leeway. After all, no matter how you look at it, we are being evicted. Evicted by "friends." The new apartment seems to be in a rougher neighborhood but I always think that when I move in DC. It's probably just a question of familiarity.

So we slap down a check for first month and deposit. And then we have to wait for “approval”.

In the meantime, we pack. And sweat, for some reason. Today we get final approval. We are moving into Truxton Circle neighborhood. A little South and East of us now. Deeper into the Cities mean streets. We are ahead of the curve. We are pioneers again. Not so much as a single Rainbow Flag on any building/apt anywhere in our new ‘hood. We are part of 4% of the ethnic makeup but I think maybe that was a typo and we are more like .4%.

And did I tell you it's not a basement?

This all goes in with my difficulties in getting my life back. I’ve never sent out so many resumes. The only responses I get aren’t so nice. Not sure if it’s the 1.5yr “medical leave” or, after 6 years, my willful inability to work in Big Pharma/Animal Research anymore. Probably a combo. Just a little while ago I was in no condition to take on a server type position but that may have changed.

Such is Life, eh?

For now, I work on our friends Organic Farm. Yes, I kid you not, Farming. I work at my pace. My hours. I like the work. It's.........Zen like. Maybe I found a new Life?

Basil & Tomato:

Hay keeps the weeds at bay and attracts earthworms

"My" tools:

Future Vineyard:

Now meet the newest member to our family:

Iggy. A 2yr old we rescued from the Humane Society. He’s friendly, playful as hell, never uses his claws on us. He’s ugly, spastic, smart and not so smart.

I’ve got some packing and job hunting to do. I will soon be without Internet. Abuse me while you can…….


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Stacy said...

Hi, Phil-
Wonderful detail, thanks for that--and I love the photos. Post some of the new digs when you can!