Friday, May 18, 2007

Time To Go [L]

Received from our Landlord on May 16th:

dear Dani and Phil

I feel bad and have been postponing this email for a while but I guess there is no good way to say this: we don't intend to renew the lease in October. Peter's business is growing and it is becoming difficult for him to work with two noisy girls running up and down the stairs all day. Also, we need storage space for all his supplies that are now increasingly crowding our living and dining room. It is the obvious solution for us to take over the basement to make it into an office, we just very much regret putting your life upside down because of it and hope that out of bad news, good developments will emerge. We thought it'd be better to let you know already now, in case you want to buy a house and need some time to do that. We are flexible and so can accommodate an earlier departure date if you find something that you like earlier than October. It's been so easy and lovely to have you as tenants, we'll be sorry to see you go.

What can we do? It sucks.

This is my 4th apt in DC ('99-now). Third time I've had to vacate due to "exterior pressure". It's also the nicest apartment I've lived in. I've been OK with the other moves. This one sucks. Job hunts going smashingly horrendous.......worst time I've ever had. Timing is everything......................................

Sometimes Life really sucks, eh? Thank God for Dani....she makes everything OK.

I'm done with this. Hope to post past fun times soon........


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