Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We Are Borg

Thursday, 9/27/07

Resistance was futile. Our veins are not doing well. We needed a port.

I told the doc I have a high tolerance for Novocaine and most locals. I take 5-7 shots at the dentist. And yet, through the whole 45min procedure of implanting a dual lumen (news to me) port in me I remained lucid. The anesthesiologist continued to inject me throughout the procedure. Noting my wincing, hand raising, curling toes.....shocked that I wasn't out or at least in a "twilight state".

In the end, I had to wait an hour before going home, SOP. The anesthesiologist showed me her injection record - about 15. And I could've fucken driven home.

That kind of sucked.

We hate local anesthesia.

It is just under the skin. The upper area is the access point. The lower is the main device. And we know you are curious about what is underneath...............

You can see the tube up top but not all the way. Lets take a picture without the flash...

It is an efficient method for receiving compounds. We have been assimilated.

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