Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Appt. When will it end?

Wednesday, 11/7

My Onco wants to see me the day after. She wants blood drawn to make sure I have enough coagulation factors. Or, I think the test is to make sure I don't have too much anti-coagulant (tPA) in me. The IR doc wanted me to schedule a CT for next week but my Onco overrides that and says I should go Friday so they can have results before chemo. At least it will just be a chest CT. No Barium drink or enema, just an IV. So, recap:

Mon - full body CT
Tue - tPA Infusion
Wed - bloods, doc visit
Fri - Chest CT scan

Fucking A, eh?

I go down to CT and they are booked for Friday but can fit me in 3 weeks. I really don't know why we need to do this dance? I call the Research Nurse and she gets me in for Friday, 8AM.

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