Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cycle 5, Day 1

Monday, 11/12

I'm alone today. It's Dani's first day at her new job. My onco comes in, I tell her about some "low grade" fevers (under 101) I had over the weekend, she examines me, SOSO. But not quite. She hears something in my respiration. Gives me another 'script for Augmentin (2x/day). That should take care of the lungs and any low grade fevers.

She esplains my clot is 1cm x 2cm now. Wow. It was 1cm x 3cm. Down a whole cm. Glad I went through all that for.........? I'm thinking Doctor 50:50 didn't give me enough tPA. Fuckhead

Anyway, she also gives me a 'script for Coumadin (Warfarin) - anti-coagulant and prophylactic for embolism/thrombosis. I start that after I'm done with the antibiotic and then I can wean off the 2x/day Lovenox injections. Injections that need to be at least 12hrs apart. Frikken pain in the ass.

Note - if I haven't esplained. I have a 30 days of lovenox injections into the side abdominal wall 2x/day. So I "rotate" left and right. Don't do it perfect and you get bruising. I'm bruised. Neupogen can be injected into the thighs, stomach, lower back, back of upper arms. I can only hit thighs and stomach. Don't want to ask Dani to inject me if I can avoid it. It's neither easy or pleasant to inject someone you care about.

So on chemo Days 3-6, and 10-15, I get to deliver 3 injections into my body. Right now I'm alternating thighs only for the Neupogen. If the sites don't hold up then Dani will need to stick me. Ugh.

Off to chemo I go. Its pretty uneventful and kind of lonely without The Dan. I feel sorry for people that do it alone on a regular basis. Dani does show up just as I'm finishing up. How sweet is that?


kurt said...

Hey, Phil. Just got word over on TT about what's been happening with you. Someone posted the URL to your blog - I wish I'd known of it sooner. I want you to know that I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

You and Dani deserve something outrageously good to happen, like NOW!

Take care, buddy.

All the best,

Niki said...

Hi Phil – I was on and browsing around and saw a post about you being sick. Your favorite buddy (Pia) and are thinking about you and hope you GET WELL SOON! One day we'll need to hike Old Rag again. For now – just get better!


sprite said...

Phil, We heard at the farmer's market that you were in the hospital. Know you and Dani are in our thoughts.

-Kirstin and Rudi

Boomer said...

I'll miss you online, Phil. Be strong Dani.

Anonymous said...

I saw the blog address on thanks to Katie. I wish I had of known about it sooner. I've read up and followed your stories here and on backpacker. I would have loved to meet you man.

Dani, know that we are praying for you too.

-Robert H.