Wednesday, November 21, 2007

CT Scan and Another Scare: Par For The Fucking Course

Friday 11/9

Simple chest CT. How exciting is that? It's like a vacation! I go in and find out I don't even need to get nekkid and change into a gown! Sweet! I jump up on the table and the dude misses my vein, of course. He gets someone slse to do it. I think that makes 9 sticks this week. Oh well. They take two scans and I'm down. tech comes in:

Tech: all done.
Me: Great
Tech: You seeing your doctor today?
Me: nope. Will see her on Monday
Tech: OK. Hold on a minute.
Me: OK.

Goddamit! Not again! Why can't I just get a fucking scan that says Okee Dokee? And the techs did their best to keep me unaware, but they were stuck when they thought I was going straight home. He comes back

Tech: we're gonna need you to wait her until a doctor takes a look at the scan just to make sure
Me: OK. I'm gonna go get my wife from the waiting room. I'll be right back.

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Now I need to pull Dani out of the waiting room without causing her to panic right away.

Me: All done
Dani: That was quick
Me: I know. Lets go out this way
Her: OK.

As soon as I get her down the hallway, towards CT, I tell her the story. Her reaction is the same as mine. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Why can't it just be a simple scan? Why can't we ever relax?"

Why indeed.

And so we wait. And wait. We try and relax. Soon a tech comes out and gives the all clear. They wanted to make sure the clot was smaller, not a new one, whatever. Thanks.

Fucking assholes.

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