Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Double My Fun!

Monday, 12/19/05

I get to the Dentist at 10AM. Before they start on my root canal (upper left) I ask them to check out the upper right tooth bothering me. An X-Ray later reveals the good news: need a Root Canal. I wasn't shocked. They worked on my first problem tooth with no real discomfort. before they started on the 2nd I needed to use the little boys room. As I pass by another room I seem to spot Dani in the chair. "How odd", I think. She does hate her current dentist and really likes mine, though.

After coming back from the little boys room I decide to stop in and see what's up. Dani looks up and says "Hey. They offered me a cleaning and X-Rays for $30.00! Will you be done soon?" "I don't think so", I responded, "If you get out before me, call my onco doc and see if I can take Vicodin."

I think I'll be needing it.

I go back in looking forward to a new root canal. I have to bite down on the "Bite Guard" with the left side of my Jaw. The side they just finished on. It doesn't hurt now because of the Novocaine. Figure it will be feeling really good when the drugs wear off. They work on my right tooth. After they "finish" my Dentist seems unsure. Love that. She takes some X-Rays and it looks like the screw isn't in far enough in one of the canals. She has to do a redo. Yay.

After 2 Hours, they finish with me.

I leave the chair and ask for a Vicodin Script. I tell her 'Yes, My Onco Doc said it was OK.' I don't know yet. If it's not then I won't fill it. She gives me a script plus a 6 pack Vicodin sample bag. Yummy. My left tooth started hurting before I left the chair. I'm not gonna mess with my chemo, however, so I don't even consider taking the Vicodin.

Dani has no Cavities.

At 1PM I get the go ahead to take Vicodin. Take them also at 5, 9, & 1AM. I go to bed with my left tooth killing me. Teeth suck. The Vicodin overcomes the pain the next day. Wonder what it would have felt like without Vicodin???

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