Thursday, July 12, 2007

Independence Day [L]

View Of The Capitol From North Capitol at The End of our Street (Looking South)

Everyone Should do Independence Day on The Mall Once. We have. We decided to drink, go to our favorite fountain, drink, and see what fireworks we could see from our apt.

I'm gonna reveal this fountain but don't be telling everyone about it. Not many people go, it's not on any online mapping service but it's huge. We found it when we first started dating, summer of '05. We were in eastern Market and decided to walk to The Mall. It was Hot as Hell. During our Journey We played in the sprinklers at the Library of Congress to cool off. Then we ran into it. A huge fountain with nobody around. We jumped in and frolicked. Uninterrupted. No people, dogs, pigeons. Nobody. Fucking unbelievable. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

We're pretty sure no one hordes this fountain because they're aren't any Starbucks near by or chain restaurants. Sort of. It's right next to Union Station but that seems too far for the tourists and most locals. Again, keep your mouths shut. Please. just North of the Capitol. At North Capitol Street Southern terminus. A fountain almost completely isolated from throngs of tourist and dumbass locals looking cool (in their mind) with their starbucks/xando half-calf vanilla mocha strawberry lattes and playing with their dogs. It's a Jewel in the rough. best Park in DC. And about 12 blocks due South of our current place-o-residence. Paradise in Summer. An Oasis in a concrete hell hole. Our Park. Our Fountain. And just outside the 4th-o-july- security parimeter. A Match made in heaven.

So their we played for a while. In our fountain. We ran into a dude Dani knows. He was there with his dogs. We see him almost everytime we go there. Secret might be getting out, eh?

View Of The Capitol From In The Fountain

After that we went back home. Hung out on our back porch and watch Fireworks. Couldn't see the Main event but there was half a dozen little shows all around us. Right in our neighborhood. Two of them would have put small town shows to shame. Or very tiny villages. The fireworks went of through the night and into the early morning hours. In the front birds were fleeing fireworks from tree to tree. The smoke and flashes reminding me of Apocalypse Now. It was kind of dangerous and exciting.

It was a good day. I love spending a full day with my wife.

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