Sunday, July 01, 2007

Skinny Puppy: Now Is The Only Thing That's Real [L]

June 11th, 2007

We got tickets minutes after they went on sale. And immediately we were worried.

Probably not until we're dead. Or they're dead.

And there we were last night at the 9:30 Club with The seminal Industrial/electronic band Skinny Puppy.

If you need some "mainstream references" - Nine Inch Nails & Marylin Manson are there kinder, gentler offspring.

We went to the show with some trepidation. and mucho liquid courage. Were we too old? Were we, in other words, gonna get our arses kicked?

My worries melted away as soon as we got there. It seemed like maybe a fourth of the not-sold-out-show crowd were old enough to remember. the rest weren't born yet. And mucho posers. I'm a snobby purist and I hate seeing people wearing other band concert T's to shows. As if it's the only black they own and they're convinced they need to wear black.

We sat through an obnoxious opening band (white mice) before the real show started.

DC crowds are often criticized for being wimpy and this was a perfect example. As soon as Skinny Puppy came on I easily slid over to front and center. Dani, not feeling the same compulsion, stayed behind at front stage right. It wasn't violent and that wasn't such a bad thing. I stayed for my fix then went back over to where Dani was.

It was an amazing show and difficult to describe. They played newer stuff exclusively. More techno-Industrial than there harder, earlier recordings. Nothing older than Warlock. But that's OK. They've been around for 20 some years. Who wants a band that continues to put out the same old stuff? people complain a band doesn't sound like it's "classic old stuff" are the same ones that complain "it all sounds the same." Fuck 'em. And the more we listen to their latest CD "Mythmaker" the more we like it. And bands must get bored to death. Become robots on stage. This was anything but. Ogre was enjoying himself. He even smiled, which Dani will tell you is most unlike Ogre.

And the show went on, with most tracks from there newest album. "Ambiantz, Ugli, Magnifishit, etc. We were in our element and it was amazing.

As we were experiencing the sensory overload that is Skinny Puppy it hit me - this is just like backpacking. The thought was strengthened with the song "Worlock" in which a recorded Charles Manson states (several times):

"Now is the only thing that's real". I leaned into Dani at this point, hugging here from behind and telling her "I Love You." I was in Heaven. And Dani was there with me.

And now its over. But I know it was real.

Skinny Puppy and Iggy Pop. Two of the best shows of my life within Months of each other. All we need is for Ministry to show up and the Trifecta will be complete.

"The Police used to watch over the people. Now they're watching the people."


Anonymous said...

Skinny Puppy concerts are incredible. I feel ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey look the pics I took at the Skinny Puppy concert lol.