Friday, July 13, 2007

One Year Anniversary [L]

Sunday July 8th, 2007

Sunday Started out like most. Dani went to work the Dupont Farmer's Market. We had decided to celebrate our one year in a very low key way: we'd just hang and drink. Celebrate Us. Everything else would be the same. OK. Maybe we do that most Sundays but this was different, dammit!

At the end of Market Eric gave us a too generous gift and we headed home. We did have a plan: drinks at El Tamarindo. A low key, kind of homey Mexican/El Salvadoran restaurant at 18th & U st. NW. It's one of our favorites. The food servings are ginormous and the Margs rock. And its a nearly straight walk from where we live. But mostly we have many fond memories of the place.

So there we were drinking margs and Dos Equis, eating a papusa. We toasted our marriage, each other, The Kitty, Life, and many more years together. It was a nice, low key, all around wonderful experience. I find nothing more enjoyable than spending time with Dani. we talk, laugh, make fun of everything, and enjoy being.

We went home and had a wonderful dinner. reminisced about the Wedding and looked at photos of that day.

It was one of many beautiful days. There's nothing better than contentment, eh?

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