Sunday, March 19, 2006

Food Hell. Part I

Food sucks right after chemo. Have I discussed this? Everything is bland. Not tasteless. More like a shadow of its flavor. I feel a little nauseas and I eat. But I never feel full. I think it's b/c nothing tastes great. Without the taste I feel unsatisfied. I also get a weird feeling in my stomach. It feels like a hunger pain and nausea at the same time. I wonder if its a thin line between the two when one feels "normal"? Liquids are also bland. I joke with Dani that we should get a vat of MSG for me. It really is indescribable, food sucking. It will go away but I never remember how long it takes. Maybe its gradual? so here's my countdown:

3/17. Day of Chemo - Food Sucks
3/18 Chemo +1 - Food still sucks
3/19 Chemo +2 - Fodd still sucking.



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