Friday, March 24, 2006

Taste Buds, Hair, My Poor Laugh.

Fun With Food
Taste buds are back in full swing. Now if only I had an appetite! Last night Dani had her first Bee class. She invested in a couple of Hives last Spring. Now that She has some experience and questions, she decided to take a class. Anyway, she was gone for most the evening. I had to eat. If I didn't eat she would think that She could never leave me for long periods of time. It's so hard to eat when you have zero appetite. It's really hard when you have to make it yourself. So basically I ate last night so Dani wouldn't Yell at me. LOL! :D

Hair Emergency
I can't take it anymore. I haven't had a hair cut since October. Check out those photos on my webshot page. I might post some shots of the back of my hair today. Anyway, I stopped off at my hairdresser's Salon on the way back from getting a blood draw. I wanted to talk to her about it. Can't just show up for an appt. after 5 months, with thinning hair, almost no eyebrows, and say "Hey, got Hodgkins, can you fix my hair?"

So instead I did that today. The worse thing was I had to remove my hat for her to check out the damage. At first she wasn't going to bother with a cut until she saw how much hair I still had. She noted that it was very unhealthy and maybe a really short haircut would be in order. You really can't see it unless your close, but my hair does have a very "damaged" look to it. Kind of fragile/dry/frayed look to it. So I guees I'm getting buzzed by her next wednesday.

Where'd My Laugh Go?
Everyone remember my laugh? That loud, boisterous Cackle? 'Tis gone and maybe for good. I couldn't laugh for months because of the tumors in/arounde/on my lungs. Anytime I started to I would cough horribly. I mean I literaly didn't laugh for months. I stifled it if I felt it coming on. I can laugh now but it's different. It's kind of silent and I start to run out of oxygen. It's like I laugh as hard as I used to but it's muffled. It's kind of sad. If permanent then I think it's most unfortunate. Kind of like I lost a piece of who I was. A permanent reminder of what I went through. But still far superior to no laugh, eh?



Sheila said...

Uh, what do I have to do to see your photos? Do tell.

Phil said...

They're posted. I've never had such a short haircut!