Thursday, September 06, 2007

What The Fuck Do They Know?

Saturday we go back to pick up my Magic Mouthwash and were unsuccessful. The pharmacist didn't understand one of the ingredients so they called my Doc. My Doc never returned the call so they didn't make my mouthwash. Thanks. Dani gave 'em hell and we go on our way. I call the hospital to page the on-call Onco. 3hrs pass and nothing. Guess everyone's too busy on labor day weekend, eh? I call again, explaining I've been waiting 3hrs and get a quick response.

The on-call calls CVS then me back. Seems my Doc wanted Nystatin in my mix but didn't say how much. The on-call thought it wasn't necessay so told them to nix the Nystatin. It's an antifungal. Who the fuck is he? Some fucking resident that doesn't know shit about me. I tell him I'm on an antibiotic and an anti-viral for mouth issues. So either

A. Maybe my doc saw something in my mouth?
2. Maybe my doc is worried about fungal infection since everything else is being wiped out?

resident dumbfuck: :No. I don't think you need it.
Me: Thanks (asshole). click.

I call the research RN and ask her to please get this clarified with Asatiani. She pages her and emails her. I never here back.

Fuck it. Seems like there are too many cooks in the Kitchen, no?

I pick up my mouthwash on Sunday. Have I told you it's not covered by insurance? $35 bucks. Works for the two weeks I need it. Couldn't eat without it. There's a new circle in hell for insurance company employees.

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