Sunday, May 28, 2006

Chronic Pain Sucks. [C]

I got a taste of it with that arm pain. It lasted for about a week. There was nothing I could do, nothing made me feel good. I tried Arthritis pain relievers, Alcohol, but nothing worked. I described it as a "6" on a scale of 1-10 but in retrospect it was more like an 8-9. I think I was downplaying it so I could live with it. Focusing on the pain might have driven me crazy. It was always there. A dull, intense, pain. I didn't sleep much during that period. I feel for anyone who deals with it most of their lives.

BTW - Older people don't need less sleep, they get less sleep because of aches, pains, etc., wake them up. Been there, briefly. If I haven't made it clear, it really sucked.

PET Scan to see if I'm Cancer Free. Of course the douchbag can't hit the first vein. My scan was delayed a little because the person before me moved his head during his scan. I don't understand that. I sleep through mine. Can't have anything but water for at least 6hrs before the scan. getting up and driving to the Hospital on an empty stomach and without any coffee takes all my energy. How could one be awake enough to "move" during the exam? especially since they strap you in pretty good?

Last blood draw. I guess they want to make sure my cell lines are recovering.

Pulmonary Function Test. I'm a little worried about my Lung capacity. It seems different and can be easily affected by Chemo. So my Dr. orders a PFT. This one takes about 10 minutes. My first one took 30-40 minutes. Dani thinks something must be wrong. I think my Lungs must rock...................mostly.

My next Oncology appointment isn't until 5/26/06. We both decide, to ourselves, that we aren't gonna worry about the test results. Not gonna bug them about it. time to get on with our lives, no?

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