Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Backpacking the 'Dacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my dreams!!!!

Speaking of which, I seem to be having some nasty dreams before I completely fall asleep. Must be part of the insomnia thing.

Wait, this is a bp post, dammit!

Who knows when I'll be able to get back out but I need to plan. i've been looking at my Adirondack (dack) topo's. My goal is for my first post-cancer trip to be in the dacks. It's where I started, it's kind of like "homebase". I have no idea when this trip will be but I need to think about it.

I'm thinking I want to go into The Northern Region. It's relatively flat with tons of Lakes & Loons. A campfire on a lake with Loons singing. That is the quintessential backpacking experience, IMO.

I'm thinking I want to do the Northern Terminus of The Northville-Placid Trail. Then, I could explore some of the Western High Peaks of the dacks if I felt up to it.

I'm thinking I want to do the Cranberry Lake Region of the dacks. There are some really nice loops in there.

I'm also thinking I want to do Nova Scotia. No idea why but it's there so I ordered info.

I'm also thinking about gear. I need nothing for 3 season camping. If I purchased some winter pants then I could bp anytime. Anytime below Alpine/3 ft-o-snow in a night camping. My tent is not rated for extreme winter conditions. Actually, my tent isn't really rated for winter, kind of. It's a 3 Season, 4 Season "convertible". I think that means if it rips apart in a snowstorm the Manufacturer isn't responsible. It's a damn sturdy tent, though. The Sierra Design Orion AST, 2 person.

Dani needs some gear. Boots and a pack. Maybe some rain gear. I window shop online for her. I despise shopping unless it's for backpacking..........Gregory, Kelty, Vasque..........Drooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.............

I really need to get out.


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