Friday, January 06, 2006

Drug Inventory/Schedule

Thursday, 1/5/05

Friday, 12:25AM - exhausted from the chemo but unable to sleep. My 4th treatment, 2nd cycle complete. Next week I need a CT/PET scan to see what's up before I can continue on with chemo. But first, I need to do a drug inventory for my own personal log. More reference, I guess. The scripts & Over The Counters (OTC) are numerous. Before Cancer I might pop a Tylenol or Motrin in a given year.

A. Every Thursday - 2 vials of blood taken (for blood counts):
1. CBC with Auto diff, reflex manual diff
2. Complete Metabolic Panel

B. Every 2nd Thursday - Doctor Appt.
1. Vitals recorded (BP, Heart Rate, Temp, Weight)
2. Visit Doctor, discuss symptoms, treatment.

C. Every 2nd Thursday - Chemo (as long as I "pass A&B)
1. Infusion or BMTx Floor (so far I'm 3/4 BMTx)
2. I hand them my records and they call the Pharmacy. No drugs are made until I personaly report to the Floor
3. I wait 3 frikken hours for drugs. Thank God they have cable.
4. They stick me with a big ass infusion needle - 20-22g. All Drugs will go through this point.
5. Gimee my drugs, dammit!

D. Chemo Drugs
1. Zofran: Given first as an IV by infusion pump to prevent chemo induced nausea
2. Dexamethasone: Corticosteroid given with Zofran (mix) to prevent nausea

3. Vinblastine: first Chemo drug. Given as slow bolos (slow manual injection), in @10min.
4. Adriamycin: Second Chemo Drug. Slow Bolos over about 10 minutes. (Red stuff and makes your urine orange-red immediately :) )
5. Bleomycin: Third Chemo Drug. Given by Infusion pump over 15 minutes.
6. Dacarbazine: 4th Chemo Drug. Given by Infusion pump over 1 hour.

That's a lot-o-nasty chemicals pumped in. I might add up the volume next time. My vein can start to get irritated by the time the final drug starts pumping. Especially if they use a small vein.

My day at the Hospital, From A-D, is about 6-7hrs.

D. Prescriptions - Scheduled
1. Trimeth/Sulfameth: Trimethoprin & Sulfamethoxazole;2 Antibiotics in one Pill. Prophylactic Treatment: Taken every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Started before chemo and will continue indefinitly. Must avoid long term exposure to Sun or Artificial Sunlight. :(
2. Neupogen: recombinant Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (rG-CSF). Self-administered Subcutaneous Injection of .5ml Saturday-Wednesday after Treatment. Taken to produce neutrophils wiped out by chemo.

E. Prescriptions - As Needed
3. Zofran: Anti-nausea pill. Taken only once so far.
4. Promethazine: Anti-nausea suppository. Taken only once, used so I could take Zofran.
5. Prochlorperazine: Anti-nausea pill. Taken every once in a while. So far, 1 does the trick.
6. Tylenol 3: Used for Post-Surgical pain ("Lymphectomy"). Also used after Root Canal.
7. Vicodine: Used after 2nd Root Canal.

I've listed Tylenol 3 & Vicodin b/c I have a feeling I might be able to use them for chemo pain in the future. With the Docs permission, of course. Otherwise, Maybe I can sell them?

I'm keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeding! :D

F. Over the Counter - "prescribed" by Nurse for chemo related symptoms (As Needed)
1. Tylenol Extra strength: Prescribed early on to combat dailey fevers
2. Benadryl: For itching and Insomnia
3. Tylenol PM: For Insomnia
4. Sominex: Wanted something Stronger for Insomnia
5. Advil: Muscle pain, daytime
6. Aleve: Muscle Pain, for overnight relief
7. Tums: Acid Indigestion
8. Pepcid AC: Acid Indigestion

OK. That looks like a shitload of drugs. But I barely touch any of the "As Needed" far. The OTC's were also prescribed at different times, as symptoms arose. It must be noted that I have to clear any OTC with the Oncologist. I'm gonna pop a Sominex now, However. It's 1:36AM and I need to get up early. I always have trouble sleeping the 1st few days after chemo. And I can't drink alcohol for days after chemo. :(

I'll discuss the fun I had with the actual chemo another day.


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