Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Can I whine some more?

First: can anyone see my picture? I see a "red x"

Second: can anyone see my Favorite Book? I see nothing but the title is: "How to Annoy Me: look for common "favorites" as a way to gauge a potential friend".


Can I whine some more? Thanks.

My nausea started to wane as of Monday Morning. It was nice to wake up and not feel ill. I wish I would feel hungry. I felt ill after eating but it decreased as the day went on and is mostly gone as of today, Tuesday.

My knees hurt. The bones of my knees ache. My nerves in my legs still extend from my body and somewhat from my arms. What the Hell does that mean? It means you might be able to touch my arms but you should really avoid my legs.

I had what felt like an asthma attack last night. Came from nowhere. All of a sudden I was struggling, moderately, to get Oxygen. WTF?????? After a while I popped a Benadryl and it went away.

I'm always tired. I can start shaking from coffee consumption and still be sleepy. WTF?

I feel a little nauseas.

I walked 20minutes, on the way to Dani's work, and stopped into CVS. I was short of breath and tired. I squatted for batteries. I purposely rose very slowly and got a major head rush. WTF?

My side hurt a little. Maybe my kidneys. WTF?

Sometimes, while doing nothing more than playing on the computer, my chest hurts and I'm short of breath. WTF?

I am waiting to get "approved" for another CT/PET Scan. Can't go ahead with more chemo until they take dirty pictures of my innards. Medicaid saved me. medicaid stresses us out. WTF?

Digital Camera batteries are $14!!!!!! WTF?

Don't tell Dani any of this. She worries about me too much as it is. Actually, she knows most of it. She doesn't miss a slight change in my breathing pattern. I wish she would stop worrying so much about me. I'll be done with this crap in no time. Way before our wedding.


Post-Publishing Edit: My memory is going to Shit! I've forgotten a friend was pregnant and I've forgotten about calls from friends. i might have forgotten other things but I can't remember. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!Friends: Please keep in mind my condition affects my memory.

Thank you.

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Serita said...

I don't see your photo or your favorite book.