Monday, January 02, 2006


Wow. Just recovered. OK, not really. Dani was feeling like we shouldn't go to a party b/c I may not be 100% in regards to my immune system. I kind of agreed so we stayed home. Started drinking about 4PM. I haven't been really drunk since October. Mostly because I can't drink. I can't for @3 days after chemo and then it seems like my body really doesn't want a lot of alcohol any other day. NYE would be different for some reason.

Dani started with cheap Champagne. I started with Frangelico in my coffee. No, it was a gift from one of Dani's friend. We gnoshed the entire day. Then we both started in on the cheap Champagne. Mixing it with cranberry, Grand Marnier (GM) and Cranberry. I think we even tried Ginger Ale. I don't like cheap Champagne and the mixers didn't help. Not sure if I like good Champagne but we would find out later.

I seem to be a liquor snob.

I switched to Makers Mark on the rocks while Dani plowed on with the Champagne. Meanwhile, we gnoshed. Dani made an incredible spread of appetizers, cold and hot.

The cheap stuff was gone way before midnight and we only had one bottle of good stuff. We have a crap load of wine but Dani didn't want to mix Wine with Champagne. She's had bad experiences mixing Wine with most everything.

Dani doesn't really care for whiskey but she'll do shots of it if needed. It was still early. First, a shot of GM. Then on to the Makers Mark shots.

Meanwhile, we gnoshed. And I think we watched TV and played a little poker. Mostly, we drank. I think. I don't seem to recall much of that evening. Except that Dick Whats-His-Face looked and sounded like death warmed over. What the hell was up with that?

So Midnight rolled around and we opened the $40-50 bottle of Champagne (I said "good" not "great"). My mature palate would say: "Yum". We finished it and before you knew it I was dancing above Dani (Laying on the couch) too Atomic Dog by George Clinton. The stereo was turned up to max, not sure if any neighbors were around. Needless to say, Dani was kind of shocked. i hadn't really listened to anything funky until now. I had removed Skinny Puppy and Iggy Pop and replaced them with P-Funk, James Brown, and his Bro' Chuck Brown. :)

Dani got up from the couch and we danced the night away. Danced until my legs couldn't move any more. Went to bed around 2. Shut the ringers off.

I think we woke up around 10. Dani wasn't feeling so well. I felt fine.

Moral of the story: Even when mixed, Cheap Champagne is deadly. And Dick should probably retire.

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