Thursday, January 19, 2006

Trip Report: Chemo#5 & Photos

I'm a little out of it. So 'Scuse.............whatever. It's 11PM, Thursday night.

Wednesday 1/18/06

3:30 PM - The Drinking Starts. Shots-o-Makers Mark (MM)
4:10 PM - Arrive at Dani's Book Release Party, full flask of Makers in Hand
4:10-8:00 PM - Drink some more. Party seems to be full of Networking Org Interns. I spend half of my time in dani's office playing on the computer and Drinking MM & Coke. I'm really stressed about my CT/PET scan. Plus, I f I get chemo I won't be feeling up to drink for a while. So might as well have on last Pahrtay, no?
8:30PM-1:30AM - We get home, Eat, drink, be stressed. Dani doesn't get to sleep until much later.

Thursday 1/19/06
7:30/8ish AM - Oy Vey. Wake after much prodding from Dani. Bless her heart., drink coffee, eat, be miserable and stressed
9:30 AM - Arrive at Hospital.
9:45 AM - Give blood for counts & infection check
10:00 AM - See Doc. Doc approves full force Chemo, SOSO. Schedule CT Scan for next week and will "save" PET approval for after chemo #8. my Doc is leaving G'town for Florida next month. I lose him and his caseworker Nurse. :( I'm not happy about continuing my chemo without an "update" scan. I probably don't need as much as they're giving me. better to continue treatment then to allow the Cancer a chance, no? That's what Dani & I decided and probably my Docs thinking. I just hope the excessive chemo doesn't give me Cancer! LMAO!
10:30 AM - Arrive at BMTx floor. Love this Wing! But no cable in my room, dammit! I also just wish someone could hit my humungous veins! :( The Nurse today described it as they're huge, but they seem to shrink away as soon as I stick you. I call that some smart veins! LMAO! Or maybe they get cold after getting stuck? Everyone knows about shrinkage, yes? LMFAO! I kill me! She stick's my right arm 3 times with no luck. Hits my left wrist on the first time. Doesn't feel great but I just want my drugs.
1:30 PM - 3:15 PM - Get my drugs we're out of there! - Tired, loopy, cranky, short of breath.

Time to go to Whole Foods in our neighborhood and give attitude to all the suburbanites/wannabes. :D

I have new chemo photo's on my webshot page. ;)


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