Friday, August 10, 2007

Sixty Days In The Making [C]

June 11th - PET Scan

June 26th - P
ET scan results (atypical cells in neck) discussed with Oncology Doctor. Doctor discovers swollen Lymph Nodes in Left armpit through palpitation.

June 28th -
MRI Scan for pinpointing lymph nodes.

July 1st -
Consultation appointment with Surgeon

July 6th -
Surgery - Lymph Node Biopsy

July 13th -
Oncology appointment - Pathology confirms Cancer Relapse

July 16th -
Stitch removed from neck. Surgeon relieved I'm aware of the results.

July 20th -
Bone Marrow Biopsy

July 31st - Sperm Donation. Diagnosed Fertile

August 1st - Bone Marrow Negative

August 3rd - Second Sperm Donation

August 2nd - Heart Sonogram. Signed Consent

August 6th - Full Body CT Scan

August 10th - Chemo.

Sixty days since my abnormal PET. 4 weeks since confirmation.

I get there at 9AM. And head to The Clinical Research wing. Used to be inpatient. Private room with restroom, Bed & Cable! Blood draw and wait for results, drug mix. I think I started around 1130.

Pre-meds; Anzemet (cancer ant-nausea) and Dexemethesone (Steroid). Yay. All infused.

What Exactly, do I have?
A Research RN popped in to my room while I was getting my pre-meds. I asked her for a copy of my CT, standing order for blood draw, what not. She comes back with that, plus my MRI report. How nice. I look through them. I notice the ICD-9's. CT has 202.8. MRI 201.9. I pull yesterdays physical from my folder (always have your folder): 201.9. Typo? Or are we all not in agreement of what we've seen and what I have? I try to maintain my cool. Dani's in the room reading. And asks if everything's OK. "Sure". I'm plotting. I need this frikken clarified before they start filling me with toxic shit that might do nothing for me. I wait for the RN to come back. Hopefully she'll understand without me needing to spell it out and needlessly panicking Dani also.

me: I'm sorry. My ct has a 202.8 diagnosis and my doc says 201.9. I think I need that clarified. For peace of mind
Numbnutz: I'm not sure of the difference?

I stare at her, hoping she'll understand and just go get it clarified. She doesn't. that's just wishfull thinking. Course no. Post-doc. Brain full of everything but patient sensitivities.

Me: Well one is Hodgkin's. One is Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Dani turns white. I turn to her and say "I'm sorry." Then to the nurse: "I'd like that clarified, please." She leaves and we wait. What if? What if? She returns a short while later and says "typo". Some fucking typo, numbnutz.

Infused with anibody or placebo. 1ml/min for 30 minutes. Caution. Then given the rest faster. I start to feel symptoms from the Anzemet.

The Nurse then does a slow bolus of the first drug (V), then I get infused with "G" & "D".

Done at 4:30. Fatigued, tired, dizzy, unfocused, annoyed, vein is slightly bruised, above and below entry point. We leave. Kind of laughing. I believe we are both surprising our feelings. It's all so fucking surreal.

Popped a compazine at 530. preventative nausea.

Popped a Tylenol at 8ish.

Starting to feel some muscle pain in thighs around 9. Sore throat around 10. They said this was less toxic than ABVD. Doesn't mean less side effects, eh?

1 done, 11 to go. If Insurance doesn't authorize more anzemet I'll need to look for alternattive anti-nausea medication. I Love Brownies....

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