Sunday, August 12, 2007

Symptoms worse & better? Q&A [C]

i had low level nausea all day yesterday. My headache seemed to dissipate after my 2nd Tylenol @3PM. Popped an anzemet and 2 compazines 6hrs apart. Lorazepam at bedtime. Kind of felt like ass....low level ass. Slept @6hrs straight. Had some alcohol for incentive. Might be warm. Might be a little short of breath. Might be anxiety.

Warmth & shortness of breath continue into Sunday. Didn't feel nauseas really. Afraid to pop an Anzemet due to potential supply issues. Afraid not to. So, after some coaxing by Dani, I popped it. Vein doesn't look so good at entry point. Skin Red/rash. May have been obliterated. Mediport may be an most unfortunate neccesity.

I've had no appetite since chemo. I eat to keep my strength up.

There still seems to be some confusion. let me clarify:

Q: New Cancer?
A: This is the same cell line that tried to kill me before. A PET scan early after treatment picked up rapid cell growth. Which is not unusual after chemo - the bodies trying to rejuvenate. Remember - I presented with late Stage IV Hodgkin's. It had traveled throughout my lymphatic system, attached to Organs, growing on them as well. My body was wracked with B-Cell Tumors. The CT scans probably couldn't penetrate the residual scar tissue left behind by the larger dead(ish) tumors. Some cells survived and proliferated like cancer cells do. I hate this fucker

Q: How about alternative Therapies?
A: You wanna take that gamble with your life. Have at it. Tell me how many people you know that have done it. And does insurance cover that shit? Are you sure you would do it? I didn't think twice.

Q: Sugar feeds cancer. You should stop eating sugar
A: Cancer feeds Cancer. I can't stop it or slow it in any measurable way by cutting out what sugar I consume

Q: You should see a Nutritionist
A: I married a Nutritionist.

Thank You.

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